TESCO Leadership

Noel Graham, Sr. – CEO
Noel Graham Sr.
Having served four years in the Marine Corps, Noel began his professional career after graduating from the University of Toledo. Subsequently gaining valuable experience at L.O.F. Glass Co., Noel directed his energy towards making TESCO the success it is today. He has owned the company since 1974, and together with Bud Graham, he has helped turn the once small, family owned local bus dealership into a major national distributor.

Noel Graham Jr. – President
Bud Graham
Noel Jr., better known to his colleagues and friends as "Bud", is an accomplished Business & Marketing graduate of Owens College. A long-standing part of the TESCO leadership team, Bud has been a driving force for the growth of TESCO over the past twenty years. Overseeing all company vehicle sales operations, Bud continues to guide the company's expansion today.

Jeff Pappas – Executive Vice President
Jeff Pappas
Jeff started working for TESCO part-time while completing his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering at the University of Toledo. Jeff left TESCO to work at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, and later at NASA Glenn Research Center. In 2002, Jeff returned to TESCO and became the changing force behind the company's information technology infrastructure. Today, Jeff's efforts focus on new business development and process improvements through the use of innovative marketing and the adaptation of new technologies.

Jim Zsigray – Vice President, Finance
Jim Zsigray
Jim joined the TESCO team in 2002. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Toledo and manages all financial aspects of the business, including those of our wholly owned subsidiary leasing company.

Steve Dreier – Vice President, School & Government Sales
Steve Dreier
Steve started with TESCO in 1979 as a school bus parts salesperson, and then successfully ran the TESCO parts department for 20 years. Due to his accomplishments within the company, Steve now oversees government sales, as well as the School and Child Care Bus Sales division of TESCO.





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